Can I auomate team drive using Uipath Go Google Gsuite activities?

I automate my drive using Google Gsuite activities, these activities are not working on team drive.

I just have to checked the supportsTeamDrives check box.

Hi @albert.yango

Could you please guide me how to use the G suite activities by downloading it from the UiPath Go platform.


Sure. What do you want to do in G drive?

Hi @albert.yango

I just want to explore G suite activities to know the available options. All i want is how to download the package from UiPath Go and use that package in our studio.


  1. You have to download the Gsuite activity

  2. Install Gsuite nupkg

    1.Open studio.
    2.Open Manage Packages
    3.Go to Settings
    4.Give a path where nupkg is stored and give it a name
    5.Click Add
    6.You have to search in all packages
    7.Nupkg will be visible with the name you provided.
    8.Install it. save

There will also be initial set up for the Gsuite to work →

Sir, how to enable “Options” particularly the SupportsTeamDrives because in my UiPath there is no “Options” in my “Find Files and Folders” activities.