I downloaded a package in the store (UIPath.GSuite.Activities)The problem is that i cannot see their in my activities

I’m trying to make a robot that work with Google Drive, but when i downloaded the package, appeared this in the output, also the activities doesn`t appear in my activities. One part of the output… “Incompatible packages” Please, can you tell me what could be?

Hey @Dreamer_17! Are you using StudioX? If yes, which version did you use? What version of GSuite Activities are you trying to install?


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Have a view on this tutorial doc for more details on how to access Google workspace with studioX activities

Cheers @Dreamer_17

Yes, i am using StudioX, the last version. I was trying to install the last version of Gsuite Activities, but i resolved it!
I have WSL2, so i upgraded the packets, and i tried to install the penultima version, and i could get the activities!