Google API Integration


I am very new to UIPath and the automation world and trying to better understand UIPath Studio. I am trying to automate some activities that I perform on Google Drive, using this suite.

However, I really struggle to get started and can’t even manage to download and install this within Studio. Apology if this seems very simple. I have downloaded it (Direct Download) and don’t understand if any other steps are required. Does this package (API, set of activities, whatever you call it) directly integrate with Studio or are there additional steps to do?

When trying to download again, I’m given a new option: "Create Studio Feed
Any idea what that does?

Also, any link or documentation around GSuite for UIPath would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for helping clarifying this. I hope this is not too dumb (again, just starting using UIPath).



The first choice is to use the UiPath Studio pre installed activity for the automation.
If that is not sufficient, try the Google Drive Client Library package.