Can i activate uipath at home then use it at work?

hello guys,
i would like to use uipath for learning but i can’t activate the product at work.
I read all your msg on the forum and i think it’s the firewall. We can’t deactivate it so my question is can i activate uipath at home with my personnal home connexion and use it at work with my professional network connexion ?

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Hello Grish,

If you are using UiPath for learning purposes then you could use the community edition at home, and at work you can use the licensed version.

Hope that works well for you!


but could i use the communuty edition at work too or the firwall will block the connexion ?


@grish If you want use uipath at work means than you needs to install only enterprise edition

Hi @grish,

The UiPath Community Edition is free for individual developers, open source projects, academic research, education, and small professional teams. The Community Edition software does not come with phone or email support .

For this purpose you can use it at your home and work place. When you go to production or a real development you must have to buy a licensed one. If you feel that you need more information about the licensed version, you can contact the UiPath Sales team.

Note :

One more option you have that to use the UiPath by the Trial Version(only 60 days) in the below link .


thanks guys !

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