Can i use community version where i work?

I have some repetitive tasks at work ahead of me and I would like to automate them. They are one time only but long and boring ones. Unfortunately I work at a big company - is something like this found as enterprise usage and therefore need paid licence or can I use the community version?

please check with your Software team that UiPAth is in their list or not.
But i guess you can use it because its not free ware it license one but community give you free trail for learning purpose.:v:

Hi, Even I have the same query. I want to download on to my company laptop for learning. Is it ok to do so


please be in touch with your company IT department sure they will agree as its the licensed one ,offering you in free trail for learning purpose .

Do it… but use it only for personal use your company is an enterprise.

Is community edition is a trial version and for how long we can access it ?

Hi @Trunks,