Can i use UIpath community version in my work place?

I am a design engineer. My work is repetitive, for example printing from excel to pdf. My friend recommended using UIpath to automate these boring tasks. However, after carefully reading the license policy for the community version, I consider myself working at a small branch of a large company. The fact that I alone use this software to study and apply a little bit to my work. I wonder if I’m violating the terms of the license? Can I use it for learning purposes? I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks a lot!

Hi @Spac3s

Community License are allowed to the user for learning purpose and not use for the Work related stuff which could breach the uipath policy.

Please have a look on licensing


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If it is for learning purposes, then you don’t have any issue to use Community Version
But if you are using it for commercial purpose, then your company has to procure an enterprise license

Hope this will help you


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Thanks for your help. I find it very difficult to distinguish between my use of this software for my studies and my work. Because I find that if I use this software to study, it will most likely have something to do with the work that I do every day. I think I should remove the software to avoid any penalties if I accidentally violate the terms of the license. Very sad about this :cry: