Question about enterprise edition

would you helping me with the license of uipath, please? For the training i used the community edition, but now for business needs i should download the enterprise edition, but i’ve a problem, in this moment my work email is blocked, so i can’t access at it, but i need to use the enterprise, can i put the work email address the same? (or the installation will arrive in this email?) or how can i do?
Thanks in advance

welcome to uipath community
yah you can
but its free till 60 days only
may be you can purchase a licensed version for your production processes
for more details on to download a trial version

and for more details on enterprise version to purchase

Cheers @ljubo.vasil

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Thanks, so i don’t need to acces the email for working with it?

you would be in need to mention the email
but i was suggesting you with the options we have on to go for enterprise edition to handle the production processes


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