Can anybody share the sample example xmal file of REFramework worked without Orchestrator

I am searching for a sample xmal file of reframework.
I am not using Orchestrator. So in didn’t understand what i need to put in get transaction data.xmal file.
I want to select a row from datatable and i need to set it as gettransactionitem so that it will process the data in Process.xmal and it has to select the 2nd row and process it and the flow has to do for all rows in data table.

Please suggest the example.

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You have to change the transaction item data type to data row everywhere in the RE-Framework.

Init state - read all work items into a data table and filter the rows (if any) into data rows
Get transaction state- loop thru one data row at a time
Process state - process the data row and back to the Get transaction state to process the next data row
End state - to end the process

It is explained in the walk through document of Assignment 2 (Calculate Client Security Hash) in advanced certification of UIPath Academy.

Karthik Byggari

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Hi Karthik,

I have extracted my excel data into data table. I am unable to convert date table to data row.

Can you please explain how can I convert data table to each data row and how to call each data row every time in get transaction data.xmal

If possible can you provide any sample example of excel. That will be very helpful for me.


Hi @saleem1620

Please see this post :slight_smile:

It has a sample framework attached.

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@loginerror, is there any detailed explanation of the ReFramework besides the UiPath ReFramework documentation? I can’t understand the template

Hi @Fer

I would strongly suggest you to simply follow the flow of the template. In the end, Studio executes everything from the beginning until the end.

You could download an example from the link I posted above and debug it by clicking Step Into button. Another way would be to simply go over it one activity at a time in the execution order.

It might take you some time, but will be worth it and should clarify how it works.

Hi @loginerror, the certification will be all about the ReFramework, am I right?

Thank you for your suggestions. I am going to follow it

Yes, it is good to know all the bits of the framework.