Can a robot trigger a job on another robot automatically?

I have two processes running on two different robots. I want second robot to start work when first robot has completed its job. Any suggestions?

Hello @simi,

Yes, you can achieve this by scheduling in orchestrator,
Suppose, my first job finishes at 10:15:00 AM, next run must take place at 10:15:05 AM. that will be started automatically.
Any doubts feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Hi Pankaj,
Actually the issue is , first job starting time is not fixed. It will be executed as per need. But once first process executes, then after that second process on the second robot should also be triggered.

Will you run the first robot manually @simi


You cannot trigger the second robot automatically as you’re running the first robot manually.If you schedule the first robot,then you can automatically set the time difference to run the second bot

You can - search for StartJob through the forums. It’s even easier with 2018.1 and Orchestrator activities than it was before.

But in this case I have to schedule second robot every time while setting up the process. Can’t it be done automatically?

andrzej is correct, there is a ‘Start Job’ activity in the current version of UiStudio. This allows you to trigger another Orchestrator job from your current automation.

It allows you to specify the name of the Orchestrator job you wish to trigger and the number of robots to run it. Full documentation on it is here.

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@Foehl Thanks… Very useful for me…:heart_eyes:

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But after triggering another Orchestrator job from your current automation, will the current automation continue?

I’d like to know this too, but presumably you’d use the Start Job activity at the very end of your previous job, although I think you’re right - would it just continue until that’s also done?

Alternatively, if you only want B to run when A is finish, why not just have to ReFrameworks within one overall process? Would that work for you?

I ran a test on this with a basic automation that wrote the numbers 1 to 100 into notepad. When it got to 10, it started another process that did the same thing on another machine. It got to 10, started the job on the 2nd machine and then kept on running.

I hope that answers your question :slight_smile:

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I want to start a job and wait for it to complete and depending on its output make decision start another job

you can use the “Start job Activity” in the studio. Give the process name as packageName_environmentName. Both values can be seen in the packages in the orchestrator. If you want, you can also mention the number robots to execute the process present in that environment. By default, it executes the process on all the bots available in that environment,

Thanks for your reply. I am able to start the job. My question is how do I wait for the job to complete and get its output?

can you be much more elaborative. I couldn’t understand

Once I start a job using start job activity, job will be running in one of the robot. I want to wait for that job to complete its execution successfully. Once completed, get the output of the Job and based on that output, I want to start other jobs.

I think based on your description, at the end of the process flow assign the output of it, to a argument.Then,publish another workflow, to get the output argument as input to the if- loop in another workflow and you can execute the required workflow based on given condition