Calculator Automation: Message box not displaying result



Im trying to automate calculator application. Simple steps add 4, add 5 and click on “=” then capture value 9.
Im setting the value 9 in a generic value data type, then in message box Im setting same variable, but message box doesnt print this value.



Can you try referring to the string representation of your generic value using:



Here you go.

calc.xaml (14.9 KB)



where can I find the functions such as Split etc?


TextDisplayIs.Split(" "c)(2).ToString

why did you use this as this is the only I thing I have not done


That is because the GetText actually is returning ‘Display is 9’

So to get the number I have split and then taken the 3rd element in the list.


these are VB string functions. Like we have in other languages.


do we have any document where we can see syntax and functions for each data structure etc?


Uipath uses VB .net.
You can use the below links: