Issue in ussing datatable.Rows(4)(2).ToString

Hi All,
can you please help me with this.
I want to display a value of 4th row an d 2nd column from a data table.
I an trying to use datatable.Rows(4)(2).ToString in a message box activity but its displaying an error Rows is not a member of UiPath.Core.GenericValue.
Can anyone please suggest me how to resolve this issue/ how to add Rows function

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to display the value of such in Message box activity
and make sure that datatable variable has some values in it and is of type datatable and it has a source of input

Cheers @Vinisha

Also make sure your data is stored in a Datarow variable not in a GenericValue one

yes. Datatable variable has data in it. and it is a Data table

did that expression works fine
Cheers @Vinisha

Nice! Mark my answer as solution if it helped :smiley:


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