How can I display Double type Variable in a Message Box?



Hello, I have a variable of type Double and I want to display it out through a Message Box.
When I assign the Double variable in the Content feild of the Message Box, I get an error stating “disallows implicit conversions from ‘Double’ to ‘String’”.
However the problem can be fixed by changing the variable Double to Generic type.
But I want the variable to be a Double type.
So is there a way to display Double type variable in a Message Box? Is my above approach right?



Hi @Duwa,




Hey bro, Thanks once again.It worked.:+1:
I wish there was a document or material where one can learn about all the functions that can be performed in UIpath. That would seriously help out a guy who doesn’t have idea of programming like me.


Hi @Duwa,

You learn the or c# basics it will be more helpful for you.