Process finished due to no more transaction data. [Calculating Security Hash Assignment]

While getting the transaction data, I have placed a log message and it was able to output a Work ID number. It does not go into the process transaction and ends with the statement stated in the topic header. I have read all of the similar problems in forum but yet could not find any solutions onto how to get the workflow to read more transaction items and also at least process the transaction and update the status.

I greatly appreciate if anyone could help me with my project on this assignment.

Calculate Security (3.6 MB)

Did you try to reset you data ?

like he said reset the test data and give it a try again .:grinning:

Just did right after you replied. Thanks for your very quick response!
Result is still the same e.g. Process finished due to no more transaction data.


Ohkay then you will have to debug and see that you are getting the data in GetTransactionData.xaml

check your condition of the if statement in the get transaction data workflow

I have entered the log message for each assign activity.
On the Output panel, it shows the type of the out_transactionitem and the WIID of the transaction.
Afterwards it goes into the ‘error’.
In addition, I have also displayed a log message to check the Count of the in_WIList.

May I know how do i check whether I am getting the data from the workflow?

Check WIList items count in GetTransactionData.xaml

what is that another if condition at the end ?? is it you get transaction workflow? just delete that if statement and run it.your get transaction should look like this

I have removed the other if Condition that was inherited from the previous assignment.
However, I am still getting the same incorrect result: Log message shows the correct count though.
Allow me to show you my arguments.

Should there be a value under out_TransactionItem argument?

My guess would be the value of the out_TransactionItem argument. It should be “TransactionItem” referring to the workflow of other posters with similar issues. However, adding “TransactionItem” into the value cause a “object cannot be converted to Datarow” error.

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what do you mean by incorrect result?

Process finished due to no more transaction data

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