Extracting Data in Adavance Training



I ahve extracted data using web scrapping but while running the robot i am getting this error. Any suggestions?


and then it gave this error…


Hello there,
Looks like datatable is not initialized.
Just pass this New System.Data.DataTable in default value of dt_WIS in variable pane.


it worked fine but after coming into Do Loop…it threw an error given in Screenshot related to Column


Hi Zara,

Try to use Output Data Table activity and check if the content of Data Table has proper headers.



i checked all…but what i saw in the log generated was different. DatatType is the name given to the data extracted through web scrapping.


hi @ovi
My Assignment 1 of academy 2 is running well but after uploading I am getting poor score and the reason is there in the screenshot. May i know the reason why it is coming zero?


Hi Zara,

The message means that no Completed item was found. Or that the email address you are using for the Academy is not the same with the one you are using to login to Acme.The steps are:

  • reset test data in Acme from User options menu
  • run your workflow
  • check if the items’ status is Completed
  • upload your file in Academy
  • don’t reset test data until you’ve received the evaluation score

Good luck!


hi @ovi,
I am done with my Calculate Client Security Hash Assignment. Now to start with assignment 2 While downloading REFramework I am getting a different framework not like the earlier one for previous assignments. Please share me the link where I can download the REFramework required to do Advanced training final assgnment.