Cannot open c# language project

I created a project using c# language yesterday, although it is experimental. But I cannot open it today. It is said “The project … could not be opened: C# Language is not supported.”. It was supported yesterday, and I did create it using UiPath Studio.
So how can I open the project now? Thanks a lot.

Kindly have a view on this

Cheers @lpwang

Thank you very much.
UiPath removed the c# language support. how can I downgrade UiPath Studio to support C#? If not, I have to suspend my work to wait the re-support.

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I hope we won’t be able to downgrade the version of studio
Cheers @lpwang

Hi @lpwang

Yes, sorry for that. The team needed to focus on perfecting the non-experimental features before our major yearly release.

It will come back later with a direct focus on making it stable and fully functional. For that, we will also need all the support from our community to report the bugs and improvements ideas. Stay tuned!

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Can I change the C# language to VB? I just need to open the project, while I can rewrite the codes in it.
It is very important for me now.

I will ask around for an available workaround, but I cannot promise anything.

You can edit the project json file and change the following:

“expressionLanguage”: “CSharp”
“expressionLanguage”: “VisualBasic”

Save and you can open your project again. You wont be able to run it, but think there’s something similar in the xaml files in the top, where you can change the language.

Hello Everyone,
I have just little update about lack of C# in current release. Please check this post:

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Still not restored in 19.11 …

Restored in 20.6. Available today. Will be release to Enterprise with 20.10 (October release).