Button to reset form

Is there a setting or way to get a button to reset the form. I’m not referring to clear form but reset form where originally checked boxes goes back to that state. Alternatively, is there a button to check every checkbox/select box in the form? Sort of like the opposite of clear form.

Thank you

Is there no viable solution at this stage to achieve my desired outcome? Is there a way to suggest this to UIPath for their consideration?

hi @QTH,

you can try using the “Get Attribute” activity to check if the checkbox is checked/unchecked:

Here’s the documentation of the activity: https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/n-get-attribute

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Thanks for the reply but I don’t think you read my initial question. I’m not trying to check if a check box is “checked” or “unchecked”. I’m seeking guidance, if any available, on how to get a button to check a selection of checkbox or all checkbox with one click.
I know there’s the option of setting checkbox as “checked” by default so I’m asking for ways to set them to “checked” with a single button.

This request came in due to the fact that I have over 50 selections which are “checked” by default, but in the event the user accidently reset the form, it would be tedious to make all selection “checked” again. And I’m wishing not to resort to ending the task and restarting as all progress leading to the form will all be gone.