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I am using Uipath.Form.Activity, and my ask is really simple: How have checkboxes checked by default?



@ Elya hi,

use check activity


i dont try to check boxes into a website. I’m trying to create a form with Uipath.form.activity and i dont know how to set checkboxes by default.

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@Palaniyappan - some help here bro :slight_smile:

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Hi @Elya,

To make the checkbox value True by default please send the value for that checkbox as a True.




Hope this will help you.



Yah sure buddy @Lahiru.Fernando
It’s more like how we check and set with attributes in a xml node, that is if the check box is enabled we will be getting the attribute value as true if not it will be false and that attribute name would be checked
Like wise here if the check box is set with true it will be set as enabled.
Hope this would help you
Cheers @Lahiru.Fernando @Elya


I tried this but, that work only for “checkbox” and not for “Select Boxes”… The only workaround I found out is to create “checkboxes” one by one and apply this rule to have this kind of result.


Hi @Elya

I though just asked for checkboxes.

Also there is a simple way also to make checkbox default, go to data and provide value as true


Also if you want to make any one box from select boxes then you can also do it in a same way:

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@ShenkiSinghai Ah that work like that. Ty dude.

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Anytime @Elya. Happy automation :slight_smile:

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