Checking check box

From 200 check boxes, I want to check the each checkbox, If it is selected or not. How to check that using Uipath.

If you want to check if the check box is checked, use get attributes. Give attributes as “Checked”.

Use Check activity to check or uncheck.


I used the get attribute activity. It’s fine to check one check box. I want to check multiple check boxes and it’s in the table format. I used data scraping but it’s not scrap the check box.

Put in for each if you want to check multiple check boxes.

If the selector have row index, try below logic.

TotalCount= Datatable1.rows.count;
RowId=1; // provide the starting row index
While (RowId <TotalCount)
Use Get Attributes. (In selector, replace row index with RowId variable)
//Provide your actions
index with the counter variable RowId.)
RowId=RowId +1;

Thank you so much for the response… It’s working :grinning::clap:

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