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When there are several buttons on a screen is there a way to only click buttons with certain text on them, for example to click a button with “Connect” on it but ignore the button if it says “message” on it


yes buddy @shawnmurray
Thats possible with these methods buddy

  1. you can use a anchor base activity with anchor as find image or find element activity of word “Connect” by either selecting it as element or dragging the mouse and select it as a image and on right side with actions to be taken once the anchor found will be the click activity to click on that button next to the word connect
  2. another method is to check whether the button says message or not you can use a image exists or element exists for the word message which can be selected as a element or image, and this activity will give us a boolean value and you can pass that to a if condition buddy, if the condition gets passed you can use anchor base (the most reliable one for this scenario) in ELSE part of the if condition, or if the condition does not get passed, you can let the process to pass through the THEN part of if condition activity
    Thats all buddy you are done
    Cheers @shawnmurray

Hi @shawnmurray,

Yes, you can use “UI Explorer” for this.

  1. Open UI Explorer.
  2. Select a button that you want to click using “Indicate element” option.
  3. Extract the DOM tree and find a unique element which specifies the button name.
  4. Copy the selector and use it in click activity.

@Palaniyappan @Tharusha_Jayadeera I will try what you guys have suggested and get back to you with any questions should i run into any issues, thanks!


sure buddy @shawnmurray

@shawnmurray - When you indicate the Button “Connect”, in the Selector do not forget check the “aaname” property which will give you text of the Button which would help you to click that specific button.


So having “aaname” helps pick up the text associated with the button?
Whats the difference between “aaname” property and the “Tag” property?

Thanks a bunch,

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