How To Click Button Based On Button Text


Please see attached image - I need to Click “See My Bill” Button.

User 01 - It is button on left side.
User 02 - it is hyperlink on right side.

Refer attachment for reference.

Please give some suggestion how to Click “See My Bill” Button or Hyperlink-

Thank You.



What is the selector that is generated when you identify the element? It should have an attribute ‘aaname’ with value as ‘See my bill’.

Try to identify the element using UiExplorer, if you selector contains the tag attribute then you have to remove it so that it works even when the button is changed to link. Use the generated selector for your click activity.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.

Hi @Rammohan91,

Thank you for your valuable and quick reply and below are details.

webctrl parentid=‘myBilling’ tag=‘BUTTON’
webctrl parentid=‘myBilling’ tag=‘a’

These are selector details in both buttons and aaname missing in both - I have added aaname and removed tag property like below.

webctrl parentid=‘myBilling’ aaname=‘See my bill’

This one picking up both control and working as expected.

Thank you again.


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