Business rule exceptions

Hi All,

I am working on a project currently.
The problem which I am facing is if the member ID is found then I need to proceed for the further scrapping process else the bot should throw business rule exception(BRE) like “No member found”, after throwing the BRE it should enter the next member from the Queue.
But after throwing BRE it is stopped by throwing the error as in the attachment, but I need the bot should enter the next member ID without stopping even after throwing BRE.

Someone please help me to resolve this.


@HeartCatcher Are you using reframework ??

@HeartCatcher Try enclosing that code in a Try catch block

Yes I am using

@HeartCatcher Did you invoke this workflow in Process.xaml

Yes, I invoked in process

@HeartCatcher Can you share that screenshot here

Which SS??

@HeartCatcher The one (Subscriber and patient info workflow)that you have invoked in the Process.xaml

@HeartCatcher Go to Main.xaml >> Process Transaction State >> Make sure you enable Business Rule Exception in it



Use throw activity to throw the Business Rule Exception in your wokflow.

Hello @HeartCatcher

If you are using the Reframework, whenever a BRE happen, it will go to the Get transaction state and select the next item. So if the ID is not found then you can use Throw activity to throw the BRE. Then it will go to Get Transasction state.

Hey @HeartCatcher

How did you throw the BRE ?


I did the same but it is stopping if the ID is not found means

Hi @HeartCatcher

Check the Exception rule or New transaction in the Framework




Run the process in debug mode and check whether the Throw activity is executing or not.

Maybe proper flow is not happening