In RE framework flow is not moving to next transaction Business exception occur

In the Dispatcher code , I am just uploading the file name.

In Performer code , I am getting that input sheet working on it but while the processing the transactions if any Business exception is coming then bot is hard stopping the process rather moving into next transaction.

Already using throw activity where i have mentioned New businessrule.exception(“Message”)

Any thoughts or suggestion on this one…


Remove the dot here. And also run the process in Debug mode to check where it is getting stopped exactly.

hello @mittal.abhishek ,

you can throw exception as below.

okie , that was typo in a same way m using



Are you using RE framework?

If yes, then check No Data & Success conditions.


Hey @mittal.abhishek

Kindly shows your flow snap !


Hi @mittal.abhishek

Please check the Process Transaction state flow to which it is set when there is a Bussiness Rule Exception.

Please set the flow to Get Transaction State.


Issue Looks Like Somewhere In Set Transaction and Get Transaction WorkFlow