Bulk Uploading Queue Items with Reference & Deadline

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Currently I am using the Bulk Add Queue Items activity to upload the queue items, I have successfully added a Reference & Deadline to the Datatable with will be uploaded. However, only the reference is getting picked up by the orchestrator and not the deadline. It is as if the orchestrator thinks it is a Specific Data Custom Field.

I am following this webpage: About Queues and Transactions (uipath.com)

The header of the column is “Deadline” and the dates are in the formate “yyyy/MM/dd” like the webpage says, however they are not recognised as a Deadline and end up in the Specific Content.

How do I solve this problem?

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Hi @CasparM
Can you try by changing the deadline type to Date instead of String

Hi, Thanks for the reply Harika.
However when I do that, it juist puts the string value in the Specific content like this:


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Still no solution has been found.

Hi @CasparM I see the date has been updated in Queue item, Can you please make me understand what is expected?

Hi @Harika_Mudiam, what is expected is that the deadline is the actual deadline of the QueueItem and not in the Specific Content.
As you can see the deadline is not shown here in the overview:

I expected there to see the deadline as this webpage describes should happen: https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/v2020.4/docs/about-queues-and-transactions#bulk-uploading-items

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