Add Bulk Queue item in Orchestrator Queue

I want to upload the queue item using datatable. I am using the Add Bulk Queue Item activity.
While adding the queue items the date field value changed from 03/08/2020 to 3 August 2020 (GMT+5:30). How to avoid this and also how can i get the unique reference created for each queue item.

In Orchestrator, set Unique Reference to true.

Use DateTime.parseExact to get the exact datetime format you want.

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Thanks @ui_xpath
But the reference created will don’t have the values from the data table rows items.
Also since we will pass the data table as parameter how can we change the date.
Date field in data table is displaying correctly while in inserted items in Queue will have different as 3 August 2020 (GMT+5:30)

Using bulk add queue item activity u can transfer the unique number directly

It would be better if u create a column of unique reference in datatable and add it as queue using bulk add queue item activity


yes but the problem is that it is having the 12K plus rows so if i have to add again a new column that will take time,. I have tried added by individual item from data table to queue by making the column combination and it took around an hours. to avoid this time i want to use the Add Bulk Queue Item which took less time but I am having issue for the Date field which is comverted into GMT time if using the Bulk Queue Activity.

Is the unique reference no is in column itself or it is different

Unique reference i have created using the combination of columns so that we can identify it in future in case of any issue. Data table don’t have the unique column


If the reference no is combination of columns

Since u had 12k rows , u can use this code
As specified in link

Here they used invoke method to concatenate a column which is a combination of 2 or more column

Then after the process
since unique reference is in datatable
Then u can directly use the bulk add queue item activity to transfer the data to queue

Hope it helps

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I will try this solution

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Let me know if it works :v:

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