Bulk Add Queue Items Column Mapping

In the Column Mapping docs it says to use Deadline for mapping columns. But when I tested it with activity Bulk Add Queue Items Deadline/DueDate column and DateTime.Now.ToString(“yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss”) as its value,

  1. Deadline column does not get mapped to Queueitem’s Deadline.

  2. But using DueDate as the column can get mapped to the Queueitem’s Deadline.

Is this a error in the documentations? I got the idea to use DueDate as a column because in Orchestrator Swagger UI API it uses that name. Tested in Studio 2019.10.1 and Studio Pro 2020.10.2

This is the workflow I tested with

Hi @Wen

It could be that there is a small error there. Feel free to suggest an improvement directly on docs.uipath.com :slight_smile:

Our team will verify it and approve your contribution.

Hello @Wen and thank you for pointing this out.

We tested the same activity(BulkAddQueueItem) and workflow and indeed, this problem replicates for both Deadline and Postpone columns in Orch. It appears the mapping is skipped somehow when you set the header names as Deadline and Postpone in the BuildDataTable.
However, if you upload queue items from a csv file and use Deadline and Postpone as header names, it all works smoothly. It also works for adding queue items independently using AddQueueItem activity within a workflow.
The workaround for BulkAddingQueueItems is to use the names present in the swagger file, ie DueDate instead of Deadline and DeferDate instead of Postpone, when creating the table in Studio. Good intuition, btw :slight_smile:

We’re working to reassign the proper functionality for BulkAddQueueItems, so the workaround won’t be necessary.
Will update to this thread when everything is completed.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Sooooooo…that was almost 3 years ago…