How to add priority, references to Bulk Add Queue Item

I have to take data from multiple data table(different data sets) and add them to queue items. With bulk add queue item activity I am able to add data to queue. But there is no option to set references and priority to Bulk Add Queue Item as it available for Add Queue Item activity.

Is it possible to add references and priority to Bulk Add queue item?

Thanks for your reply.!

I build my code as show in the below image.


Actually it is possible to set the priority. You need to include the predefined columns in your input Data Table specifying the desired priority, reference or deadline for each item as described in column mappings:


I know I’m digging up an old post, but I’m trying to add the Deadline with the Bulk Add Queue Items activity, and it isn’t working. I have, of course, named the column in the DT “Deadline” and have it formatted properly according to your link. It just adds the Deadline value as a field in the queue item, not as the actual Deadline.

Edit: Never mind, found the problem. It has to be named DueDate not Deadline