Bulk Add Queue Items: Operation returned an invalid status code 'Forbidden'

Hi All,

I’m facing “Forbidden” error while bulk add queue items in the process. How to solve below error?


can you check the permission on your orchestrator for your role and also the robot role.

it wont work as your account doesn’t have the correct the access

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Hi @TimK ,

Below are the roles in orchestrator:

What modifications do I need to make?


May I know which role do you have ? Is it Administrator or Robot ?

@lakshman both


Could you please go to Users tab and help me with Screenshot.

Is this computer a robot in your orchestrator? I believe in order to create queue items this requirement has to be met.

I think yes. @efleurent

Please make sure the robot agent is running. Should be able to find it in your windows search bar, and to verify please check that you have access to the Robot tray. If this is not running, your computer will not be able to upload queue items into orch.


@efleurent it’s running.

Good to know! The next thing I would try is to upload the queue into orchestrator as a csv manually. This method helps you trouble-shoot if there are any issues with the file format before uploading. It’s fairly picky with date formats for deadlines and a few other things. This level of visibility is not attainable when using the activity, as there is no response on why the upload is failing.

@efleurent thanks but how to upload queue manually?

In Orchestrator, under the Automations banner, go to queues, select your queue, on the far right click on the 3 dots and select upload items. See secreenshots below for some reference. As soon as you attempt the upload it immediately provides feedback on whether the upload will be successful or not. Also check the date formats :wink:




@efleurent I tried to upload that but facing below error:

Ouch. Well we ruled out the file format, connection to orchestrator, and rights… Unsure what this could be as the error message is not helpful at all. I think I am out of suggestions here… Sorry!

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@efleurent Thank you so much for all the suggestions. Much appreciated.

@efleurent I just changed the excel file and the issue is resolved. Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

woohoo! Great to hear.

Happy automation

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