Bulk add queue items: Operation returned an invalid status code ‘Not Found


I was trying to upload a data table to orchestrator queue using Bulk Add Queue Items activity. But the activity failed with the following error: Operation returned an invalid status code ‘Not Found’

I have verified the following points:

  • Queue name from orchestrator matches with the one in workflow.
  • Robot is connected to orchestrator.
  • Headers in data table do not contain any special characters.
  • Defined the orchestrator folder path in the activity.

Still I am unable to find out the issue. Kindly let me know your thoughts on this.

Thanks in Advance.

Hey @Santa_Krish

Can you please swap the folder from right side panel of your studio?


Change this Shared to the folder in which your queue is defined.

@shreyash_shirbhate It is pointing to the personal workspace where the queue has been created. Still the same result, but the status code is showing as ‘bad request’.

@Palaniyappan @kirankumar.mahanthi1 @Parth_Doshi @Yoichi


Most of the cases this error due to Queue name mismatch between the work flow and orchestrator. but in our case you mentioned that you already double checked it.

i have only one question are you executing from the main xaml only right not from any sub xaml/ sub process directly so we would not get proper queue name. please confirm. thanks.

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I ran the workflow directly. But for testing purpose, I have hardcoded the queue name in the Bulk add queue item activity.

not sure what is the issue if you hardcode it should work but what about the data table that also you have built for sample.

Could you run from main flow and enter the queue name via config sheet and try and see if you are getting the same issue.

Click the Resources tab. Do you see the Queue? If not, your folder is not set correctly.

@postwick I was able to see the queue in Resources folder.

Finally I was able to resolve the issue. The queue name contained some special characters. After removing them, the bot was able to upload the queue items successfully.

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