Bulk Add Queue Items - How to push UTF-8 values?

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I have a question about queue items and its encoding. I am using an Excel table which is uploaded to orchestrator as bulk add queue items. Unfortunately UTF-8 related variables turn into chaotic ASCII char codes so the value itself is not readable anymore.

“straße” results in “stra\u00dfe 5” which is for sure not allowed.

Is there any possibility to solve this issue?
I already tried converting to CSV file and using the resulting DT for Bulk Add Queue Items - but same issue here

Hi @JenJen!

Please check if you get your answer in this post:

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Hi @JenJen and @Marcelo_Guimaraes ,

Here is the thread showing you how to fix this error.

[Solved] The trouble with the queues and non-ASCII characters - Build - UiPath Community Forum

We have used it since last 3 months, no issues.

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