Bulk Add Queue Items from data table - shows empty values as null

I have a data table which I need to upload to the Orchestrator Queue. Some of the rows in the data table doesn’t contain any data in some columns. When I try to output the data table to string, it looks like this:


But when I bulk upload this data table to queue, it shows the empty values as null (eg. Value1: rr, Value2: null, Value3: 22). Is there a way to have these values shown as Empty instead?
Thank you.

@danlicka It doesn’t matter i guess, as null is considered as Empty, But if you Still want to upload it as empty where empty meaning this “”. I would suggest you to update the empty entries in the datatable to this value “” and then upload.

How can I do that? These null values aren’t in the datatable, so I believe that they are added while uploading to the queue.

@danlicka Yes. That is correct. You can use two for Each loop to loop the Datatable and check if the Value in a Cell is Empty using if Activity and assign “” for that particular value. A Sample For Each and Updating the Empty Values to “” is done in the below workflow sample. You would just need to use your Datatable variable in it instead of DT.
For Each Sample.xaml (7.1 KB)


Great, this worked. Thank you very much!

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