How to create transaction with value "empty" instead of "null" with csv upload

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We would like to use the functionality to upload a csv file to the orchestrator to create queue items.
However I noticed that when in a column a field is empty, with the csv upload the value of that field becomes “null”. When I create a queue item with the same data with a process in uiPath that same field is shown as ‘empty’ in the queue, also greyed out.

It seems that the queue item with value “null” is not picked up by the robot. How can i make sure that this field also gets the value ‘empty’ instead of ‘null’, so the robot processes the queue?

Also, creating queue items with csv upload values like phonenumbers (0612121212) are uploaded as 612121212, without the 0, how can I fix that?
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Before uploading the value to the queue item
Validate once the value of the csv field like this
if inside FOR EACH ROW
If true then in the THEN part use a ADD TRANSACTION ITEM ACTIVITY and mention like this as value “ “. A blank space

Hope this would help you
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @GuusJoosten

Hi @Palaniyappan

Thanks for your reply. I’m not using UiPath/process for creating the queue items.
Instead I would like to use the upload csv functionality in Orchestrator. So configuring an if activity etc. in UiPath is not the workaround Im looking for.
Regards, Guus

hi I’d Like to re-open this thread because when I’m passing data using ‘Bulk Add Queue Items’ some transaction item specific data are previewing as ‘null’ values and some transaction item specific data previewing as ‘Empty’. I need to understand how this happened

HI @ovi,
I’m having the same issue. Any updated solution ?

May I know how the value was passed
Cheers @SamanGuruge

Hi @Palaniyappan

Values are taken from DB and and pass into the add bulk queue activity


Someone managed to do that?

Has anyone figure this out yet?

I used the workaround that before uploading; I fill the empty fields with something like # for example. In the workflow I use a string.replace and replace the ‘#’ for “”, which is nothing.