Null values getting added to queue - Bulk add queue items

Hi Team,
I’m using bulk add queue item activity and every time when i run the process null values getting added to the queue. i have debugged and it is showing the expected values and I couldn’t see any null values while debugging.

Hi @naveenkumarr

First print the datatable in a excel file by using write range workbook activity and check the datatable contains the data.

If there is no data in the datatable the values added to the queues as null.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @mkankatala the issue I’m facing is the first item which is being added to queue alone is null and rest other values in queue are as expected… only the first time in queue is null and as you suggested i used write range activity and it returns first row as empty which means there is null value.


Check the Datatable if it contains the data or not

Check your designed logic by debugging or giving log messages

Okay @naveenkumarr

That’s why it was adding the first queue as null.

If you want to remove the first row from datatable, let us know.

Hope you understand!!

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Hi @mkankatala yes i need to remove the first row. can you please help me on this?

Hi @naveenkumarr

Assign activity:
dataTableWithoutFirstRow = yourDataTable.AsEnumerable().Skip(1).CopyToDataTable()

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Take an assign activity before bulk add queue item activity.

=> Dt = Dt.AsEnumerable.Skip(1).CopyToDataTable

The above which removes the first row of datatable.
In the place of Dt replace the datatable variable.

Hope you understand!! @naveenkumarr

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thanks @mkankatala and @lrtetala


Thank you @naveenkumarr

Happy Automation!!

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