How to build a process for messagebox to excel

Hi Everyone…
I have a excel template and I don’t want to enter everthing in that excel sheet, I want to automate some of Rows in that sheet…if customer buys the product!, I need to record accordingly with the help of RPA, and after recording the sheet I want to automate that excel sholud automatically create new sheets for every upcoming months and then years also…So please let me know the steps that which activities should I consider to build this process…FYI I’m attaching the template…
Sales Report.xlsx (22.8 KB)

Hi @KuruvaJayaPrakash ,
I see your requirements is not clear,
have you had sale system?
I think RPA can write report for you, but we need know what is input here,
we know output is file sale report, right?
what’s input?

Forum (13.5 KB)

try it hope it helps

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Hii @Nguyen_Van_Luong1, inputs we should give from input dilougue box, with these inputs excel should fill automatically by using automation…

I see, you can use form

Thank you @Usha_Jyothi

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