I have the Build data Table outside the Loop and I have the

I have the invoice extraction data in the extraction result and i merge the dataset and data table

and i want to print the all details in one excel

I want the all data’s in the one excel

Hi @krishna_priya ,

Could you let us know what is happening currently ? Is it writing to Different Excel sheets ?


if i print the table 1 the field only displayed


if i print the table 2 the field only displayed

@krishna_priya ,

Could you show us the Write Range part of the workflow as well ?

If you are merging the table data to one datatable dtoutput and using this datatable to write to an Excel sheet, then you should be able to get all the table data in One datatable.

@krishna_priya ,

Maybe here we can Debug and check what does the dtoutput contain. Does it contain only the last processed Data or the other previous data as well.

Also, the Write Range is inside the For Loop, you could keep it outside and write the Data just once to the Excel sheet, as the dtoutput will have the Merged Data.

Would also like to know if the dtoutput is initialised at any step ?