Building a shopping bot

I am building a bot on UiPath studio doing a comparison on different online shopping sites. I go to use input dialog and no matter what I type it enters in what I used when i originally ran my bot. how do i get it to run with a different product


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You have to use variables and store the value you typed and use that in the application instead of the hardcoded value you used while recording or getting the elements


Thank you that worked but it now wont scrape the text of the new product, still does the original. do you know how to get it so the scraped text will be the new product?

Are you able to provide an example of the code? It sounds like you may need to insert the variable from the ‘Input Dialog’ with the new value into the selector from the scrape.


Open your activity properties and check the selector in it…it might contain the name…please right click on the name and select variable where yous tored value…

And try removing other attributes like id or css selector use tag and name or any other reliable ones…how you find reiable is by creating a slectir and change only name orr and check if its identifying or reload and check