User search --> Web scraper --> results


i am struggling with this! please help!

workflow is as follows:

1.Asks user for what they want to search for

2.Scrapes the information off the webpage

The problem is that the web scraper seems to remember what information (values) ive tried scraping the first time, when i built the automation.

How do i tell the scraper to use the points defined on the webpage, but not mind the actual values?

Ive tried reading up on selectors but there doesnt seem to be a solution for this anywhere, or then im just missing sometihng :confused:

if anyone would have a screenshot of such a case that would be super!

(Page in question is a hotel webpage with a default layout and i am searching for different destinations to gather prices and hotels. So the layout is static, but the values are dynamic according to what the user searches for at the beginning of the automation)

Thank you!


For this problem - please double check the scope of your variables because if the scope is too high it won’t “forget” them when it returns.

Check particularly the “For each” activities.

Hopefully this helps :slight_smile:

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