Build URL To Item in Orchestrator


I’d like the ability to build a URL in Orchestrator based on that item but I cannot figure out how part of the URL works.{orgname}/Default/orchestrator_/jobs/27357627/logs?tid=2693&fid=1028543&index=0&size=10&state=GYSwNgLgpgTgzgHzFAblMSCGAjdCAqMmAxlAipmAK5kAMCcA9jBAqOgCYIQgC2ZHEDCjEejAHYIOUOMQB6CgCT1FARgSKATAgDMCACwIArAF0TCAGwaA7AgAcCAJwIAgmaA%3D

So the 27357627 I think is the job number, tid is the Tenant ID, fid is the folder ID.
the logs? is because I am looking at the logs of a specific job, index and size are not super important.
State is where I am tripping up and I have no idea where that super long string is from or how to generate it dynamically unlike the other fields…

I also tried just chopping that off and using UiPath

I hoped this might end up still getting to the endpoint I wanted but sadly it fails and says the page is unknown…
Can anyone help, it would be great.

A use case for this is when using a webhook to indicate when a job fails, I could use the details in the job fail to build a URL so if I am sending a message in Teams, sending an email or making a ticket in SNOW then I could provide a URL directly to the failed job so the receiving person could get a URL directly to the job that failed rather than manually having to navigate and find it.