Orchestrator API - Logs specific to a Job

Hi UiPath Users,

Using Orchestrator API, I am trying to get the Logs specific to a particular Job. I am trying to use filter in the API call as below, but it does not work. Let me know if I am missing something.

https ://platform.uipath.com/xyz/xyz/odata/RobotLogs?$filter=JobKey eq ‘201d325d-a6cc-4643-97ad-93aeac4622ce’

PS: Also tried with contains(JobKey,‘201d325d-a6cc-4643-97ad-93aeac4622ce’) which also isn’t working.

Any thoughts are welcome!

Hi Jack,

You can try this

UiPath eq 201d325d-a6cc-4643-97ad-93aeac4622ce

Only thing you should do is remove '.


Please find below playlist in which you will find how to get the logs from uipath orchestrator.

I hope this will help you!! let me know your comments:)


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do we have any thing for on prem?

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You can check it by opening a new browser tab for https://myOrchestrator.com/swagger/index.html

More details can be found here: API References

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