Possible to get the Job Log URL?

Hi guys, just wondering if it’s possible at all to somehow get the job log URL when a job runs so that it’s easier for us to find the logs from Orchestrator?

Hi @ryuseihime

You can definitely get Robot logs with Orchestrator API:

With some filtering, it shouldn’t be that difficult.

Actually, not exactly logs I want, but I need the unique job ID.

Is there’s any possible way to get that without using Orchestrator API??

I think that’s not currently possible, unless Get Jobs activity returns it as one of the properties.

That’s kinda odd because how would one get job if it’s required parameter in the API? :thinking:

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There are two calls, GetJob and GetJobs. The latter does not need an ID as it will return all jobs filtered by whatever condition you see fit:

Hi @loginerror

I believe this should be possible now?

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