Build data table and add row to data table

i want to create a data table outside do of do while loop and to add the values to this data table which is fetched from a site using get text activity.

want to add values to the table and addrow activity is inside the do while

Hi @jomygeorge2005,

You can use Build data table activity to define your data table with required columns.
Inside while loop you can have add data row activity referring to built data table & array of rows pointing to text fetched using get text.

thank you sir again another issue while reading text using gettext activity in the loop .the value which we select by indicating on screen is adding to the datatable again and again .no new value is stored in the data to resolve there any other activity for getting text

Is that value is updating on that web portal and pls check for the selectors make them dynamic and insure that the previously captured element should not be opened

for name i have made the selector as tag/aaname=’*’ in ui its showing an error there

No it will not then capture that value…
Try by there other attributes like static ones

@jomygeorge2005 Can you provide a Screenshot of the Selector in UiExplorer with it being valid? Also if possible share a Screenshot of the Table from which you want to get the Text.

sir i want to get data from a site

here is the screenshot which shows the error

@jomygeorge2005 Can you Click on the Three Dots in the Get Text Activity and Select Open In UiExplorer and Indicate the Element again and send the Screenshot of that ?

First I used read range activity then I build tow data table for specific column that I want . How I can display it if I used for each activity .

Hi @Am_Q,

Do you mean you want to retain only specific column from the original data table & that column you want to display?

To display specific column inside for each you can use item(“ColumnName”).ToString or item(ColumnIndex).ToString

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