Build Custom Activities Easier Using the Latest UiPath Extension for Visual Studio

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We wanted to quickly share with you the latest way on how to build custom activities faster using :point_right: UiPath Activity Creator extension for Visual Studio. :point_left:


:mega:Using it, developers can build custom activities that work for UiPath Studio faster while having essential code generated for them. Also, there’s no need to spend extra time on learning new technology anymore because C# skills are the only prerequisite for using the Activity Creator.

:desktop_computer: To get started, you will need Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 (Community/Professional/Enterprise) and UiPath Studio. Next, watch the following demo to discover the basic principles of using Activity Creator.

As you can see, this developer tool will take care of the “plumbing” and build the entire structure you need, while setting the standard for all future custom activities.

Why you should try it out?

  • Activity Creator extension is entirely wizard-based.

  • You can create both activities and scopes.

  • The activity designs are also generated for you automatically.

  • It helps you thoroughly document the whole activity building process.

  • The extension is built into Visual Studio, the C# developer’s home.

The list can go on and on, so we strongly recommend using it. You can find Activity Creator available on the UiPath Connect Marketplace and check out our new guide on How to Create Activities.

Give it a try and let us know your thoughts on it by leaving a review.


This is really interesting…


Greate extension.

But anyone got freeze while edited file design(.xaml)?

This is really great news! I look forward testing it and hopefully understanding what it creates so I can adjust it according my own desires.

Great job UiPath-crew!

Hi @Chinh_Le

I actually see the same issue in VS When editing the designer xaml. I then need to close VS and reopen the solution again.
I just thought it was my installation which were buggy.
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Hi @Mara_Pitiga

It is indeed a really nice Extension, which I tried a few times now.
I have some issues with the NuPkg Logo and the Activity Icons. I created another forum post which is not answered yet:

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I tried it on 3 PC and got same error. Is this VS bug?

Can we be able to modify existing UiPath activities using this or you are only allowed to creat own activity from scratch.

Hi guys,

Yes, this freezing is a Visual Studio bug that seems to have come in version 16.5. You can either downgrade back to 16.4.x or try 16.6-preview (I haven’t experimented with this). Check Microsoft’s release notes for updates. They appear to be aware of the issue.


This is only for creation

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Thanks @DeanMauro for your response, i think my question wasn’t clear enough, but i got it answered. i saw that you can import predefined activities which is very helpful to the idea i have and the reason why i asked the question.

Update: For anyone having trouble with package icons, it appears current versions of UiPath Studio do not yet support PackageIcon. Please use PackageIconUrl until this is fixed.

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Time to create


Hi again! We’ve just released a new version of the Activity Creator with :tada::monkey_face::smile:ICON SUPPORT :exploding_head::smiley_cat::sparkles:



@DeanMauro that new feature is really nice! thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m still wondering if it is possible to have a general click activity in a custom activity? so no indicate element in the custom activity. i just want to perform a standardized click with a fixed selector.

Is that currently possible?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi I’m sure it is, though I’m admittedly not well versed in that side of development. Try reposting as a standalone forum question. Someone’s bound to know the answer.

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Hi @DeanMauro, thanks for you’re reply. I opened a seperate ticket: Click in a Custom Activity

Lets hope someone can help me out on that point :slight_smile:

Very poor quality video clip.

@SenzoD where did you find those predefined activities to import? :slight_smile:

@DeanMauro are there any example .json which we can import?

I think it would help us, who haven’t a lot of experience in C#, to get a good start. The activity we create here The Simple Activity helps, but few examples with clicks, type into, attach and so on would be great!

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