Build Automation in Visual Studio


is it possible to develop the RPA process entirely in Visual Studio using the UIPath dll or NuGet Package?

Yes it is possible. UiPath is also working on .net framework. But When UiPath provides us a lot features then why do you need to develop your own. If you think, any of the features are not there and you can create using VS then it would be a great effort for the community. You can create custom activities and upload them on

I do not want to program my own UIPath. I do not like the visual programming style of UIPath Studio, I just want to use the UIPath Activities. But I was not able to do so. If you have an example project, could you upload it?

You can refer this link-


I already did that. But its building new Activity for UIPath Studio. I want it the other way around, se the built-in activities in my Visual Studio Project.

May i know the reason behind this buddy…were you facing any difficultly while simulating
cheers @madschilos

Hi buddy

  1. currently i can not open my existing projects cause of the removed c# usage in the last update
  2. Bigger programs are not easy to maintain with visual programming
  3. Exception handling is hard to implement in visual programming
  4. If i want to write a new c# activity the process till the functionality is within Automation Studio is too time consuming. (could be automated ;-))


lets go one by one

I would like to give you a small update
C# will be re-enabled in next month’s Community update. You can get support back sooner if you opt into our Preview channel (go to the Help tab and choose the “Preview” channel radio button on the right side).
for more details on this

and then

not so buddy we have REFramework template to handle any such bigger programs
kindly try with that once

and for this

this can be done easily with TRY CATCH block and also in REFramework…which can handle both business and system exception

not so buddy, still we have INVOKE CODE activity to include vb net scripts which is quite faster as well.

hope this would help you on this

Cheers @madschilos


Thx for you detailed answer! Still not sure if i will choose to use UIPath Studio but i definitly take it into consideration.

Have a nice day.

you will like it for sure
Cheers @madschilos

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