Where do I learn C# required for creating UiPath Custom Activity (without having to learn the entire language in such a short span)

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About me, I am very old when it comes to UiPath development (2+ years).
Recently I have come across creating custom activities in UiPath. But I have no knowledge of C# or VB.NET. And I need to learn only so much C# or VB.NET that I can create activities for UiPath and not want to start from basic C# or VB.net tutorial 1 from youtube or any other platform.

As per my understanding, I have installed Visual studio, nuget package explorer and UiPath and integrated them all. Also, so far I have made remarkable progress where I have created 3-5 custom activities from visual studio and added these packages to UiPath. These packages work as expected. (I have got one code from internet and using that I made modifications and created few very basic activities), But in real time, I might need to work with Excel sheets, mails, pdf, websites, etc

Being a newbie in C# or VB.NET, I dont know how do I learn and create UiPath specific code and not waste time in starting from Tutorial 1 from the internet.

As I said, I have remarkable experience in UiPath but for creating the custom activities, my skillset is a barrier. Also, I have very less time to make the progress where I will be able to perform the above task or reach the respectable position.

Please suggest. Any help would be appreciated. (request you to not send Tutorial 1 links for C# or VB.Net or links to how to create custom activities).
Instead it would be great if I could get some code for reference where I could modify and explore around it.

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Hello @hacky

Have you already looked into Activity Creator component in UiPath Go!?

It would be extremely helpful for you.
Thanks and regards :slight_smile:


hello @hacky

go through it

hope its will help you




I had already gone through it. But as I repeatedly said, mine is a skillset barrier.

I already know the steps (I HAVE ALREADY CREATED 5 ACTIVITIES.)

And my question completely revolves around the topic where I need to make sure I am able to learn ONLY so much C# or VB.net that I could create complex custom activities.

Please help me with that if possible.


As I mentioned in my question repeatedly, I have already created 3-5 custom activities in UiPath which clearly suggests that I know the step. so ‘creating a custom activities’ link was not needed.
Also, ‘How to create a custom activities’ by Ron Jocobs, again shows the steps to integrate the same.

Again, I my problem is skill-set related and I want to know that how can I learn and implement C# or vb.net code where I dont need to learn C# or VB.net from scratch to achieve the same.

Steps and stuff, I already know.

If you have some code that you have created in Visual studios. That would be a great help to me instead.

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