Build a REFramework Project with Tabular Data - UiDemo app only process transaction once

Hi Guys,

I’m building along the “Build a REFramework Project with Tabular Data” course.
Somehow the UiDemo app only processed transaction once then closed. I compared my building files with the original files 2 times that couldn’t find difference.

Enclosed with the problem screenshot and project file.

Please have a look and help…

Thank you! (990.9 KB)

Hi @Xu_Doria

For the next transaction, the bot could not find the application to proceed with the next activities .Try to debug and see where the application goes for the next transaction. I think the application is closed.

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So after the first transaction do not close the application…instead use clicked to come to home screen so that the app would be ready for next tramsaction in the same initial state


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