Generate yearly report assignment(Dispacther) - Found an error "Process finished due to no more transactiondata"

Can anyone please help me to find out the issue… (1.7 MB)


Please refer to this post:

Let us know incase you’ve further queries.

am getting the same error again…i have passed the arguements correctly!


I’ll download the zip folder and go through your code. I’ll keep you posted once I’ve any update.


I went through your code and found the missing point. You’ve used “Element Exists” activity in your GetTransactionData file. The issue was with the selector for this activity. In selector, you’re trying to read page 1 with anchor tag but Page 1 is available in website without anchor tag . I’ve modified the acitivity.
Please find the attached zipped folder of your code and try to execute now. (1.7 MB)

Let me know if this works for you.

The Acme opens and navigates to workitems page and repeats the same multiple times!

you should learn how to debug your own workflow instead of depending on others to do it for you. debugging is a skill which requires practice and if you can’t do it i don’t think you are suited for this.

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