Error in Reframework

Hi everyone,
i’m facing an issue while working on Re Framework. my scenario is i have few data in excel and i’m processing in Uidemo app. once data is finished it will update status. When bot stops suddenly due to some error it should not take processed data , it should take unprocessed data for that i added trigger to get transaction but all excel data is triggering into that activity and it is skipping even it is empty status also. can anyone help me to solve this. i’m attaching my code also. (1.4 MB)

For the Get Transaction Data state, you have a transition T2. For that transition give the condition as TransactionField1 <> “” instead of your condition . This will solve your problem. It means that T2 transition will be true, if Transaction field1 is not an empty string i.e., “”. The word Nothing says that the variable is not initalized but it is not equal to “”