Build a BOT

I have installed on my computer UiPath StudioX, in order to learn how to use UiPath program , as is describe in Build-a-Bot lesson from RPA awareness.In video 2:Start using is required to find file Main.xaml which is a WindowsXamlDocument type of folder and I didn’t find it. I only have a main.xaml window Markup File, but when I click this file it opens an internet file with an error message.Can someone please help me figured out what to do? Thx

It sounds like your computer is using a browser as the default .xaml file handler. You should be able to right-click the file, select Open with, and then choose UiPath StudioX.

Thx for your reply.
I try to do as such, but I didn’t find UiPath StudioX when right-click the file .xaml.
The error message starts with this text: System.Windows.Markup.XamlParseException: ‘No matching constructor found on type ‘System.Activities.Activity’. You can use the Arguments or FactoryMethod directives to construct this type.’ Line number ‘1’ and line position ‘38’.

What should I do?

I want to add something about this: I see Main.xaml displayed in the Project file, but I cannot open the file, like it showed in the video.
I suppose that this step will influence the next steps of the project, because in the video, the flowchart has 2 Sequence showed in the Flowchart, and I have none.


Sorry for stumbling in but could you point me towards the video , I seem to have a hard time locating this video.



I managed to locate the training on the Academy portal and I do have to state that you are learning how to use Studio not StudioX , and what changed between the video and the current implementation of Studio is that we do not automatically open the Main.xaml and you would have to do this manually by switching to the project pane and selecting the file from there :slight_smile:

@DanielMitchell StudioX is not separate application but a separate profile for Studio , so when right clicking on a xaml file you should select open with UiPath Studio

@Pablito could you please change the tag on this post from StudioX to Studio .


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I am facing the same issue. Can you suggest the steps that you have taken to fix this issue?