Build A Bot - xaml won't open

Hey All

Very new to this and just starting out with the training. Was so far so good until in the Build a Bot (installing and getting started) part I had to find and open the xaml file - Main.xaml
In the video, when it is added, it opens up the sequence diagram…for me it does nothing. No error, just doesn’t open.
I followed all the steps and have redone but the same keeps happening. This is hampering my progress so would really like some ideas on how to resolve.


@Shelle79 while opening the xaml is it giving any message ?

No, no message…just in the video on the tutorial, when it is saved it opens but mine doesn’t. And when I click on it, it doesn’t open either

It’s on the left…but for some reason under settings - it’s not like that in the video, but that’s where it goes when I do it

looks like your main does not contain any activities…The main.xaml open up but it does not contain any activities.



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  1. Take a Backup of Existing Code
  2. Please Delete the project.json file from the Folder and then try opening by Double clicking on Main.xaml