Bug in UiPath account registry process

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When register UiPath with a new email address, and the account activation email was not delivered to the new email address successfully (due to mail server issue and rejected the activation email), we cannot login to UiPath with this new email address or resend the activation email.

Try to send the activation email again:

but the webpage shows error:


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Hi @johnwu,
Could you tell me at which exact site have you tried to register? Have you checked your spam folder maybe?

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Hi @Pablito
yes, we have checked the spam folder, no email received. It was due to the email initial setup didn’t allow to receive external emails, after changing the setting to allow to receive external emails, click the Send Email Again button will see an Error message pop up at top right corner and still couldn’t receive the UiPath account activation email.

click Sign up link:
click Sign up with Email:

filling the sign up form and click Continue with Email:


Click Send Email Again will see the Error message:

Could you send me a PM with the email address that you have this issue with?

@Pablito you could replicate the issue as below steps:

  1. register a UiPath account with a non existing Gmail account, for example u20211207151928@gmail.com, this step is to make sure the UiPath registration activation email delivery being failure
  2. register the above email u20211207151928@gmail.com at Gmail
  3. back to UiPath to login the new account u20211207151928@gmail.com, and click Send Email Again button to send verification email again, but no email received in Gmail inbox.

Thank you for this. I will push this to our dev team for a checkup.