Unable to receive the Email Resend Confirmation link in certificate.uipath.com


I am unable to receive the Email confirmation link in certificate.uipath.com site using my outlook account.

Thanks in advance !

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Hi @kaluri, it looks like your account is confirmed and you passed your certification. Can you confirm if it’s working on your side now?

Hi @ovi, Thanks for quick response. Today i just tried from my account i didn’t received confirmation code and Even i tried with my colleagues account. All are facing the same issue. Can you check these mail ID,

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Sure, checking with the Academy team. I’ll get back as soon as i have their response.

I removed the email addresses so they don’t appear public. Please try not to share sensitive info publicly (for security reasons).

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Hello @ovi,
I too am as the one pointed out by @kaluri. I have even sent a support request regarding the same and my case number for the issue is 00089315.
Kindly help me activate my account at the earliest in order for me to begin with the certification procedure as son as possible.

Awaiting a reply.